Author: Mandy

Mandy Stohry is an artist located in Indianapolis, IN. Her atmospheric, dreamlike paintings explore landscape and cityscape locations.

Most Rewarding College Course

Over ten years of change have happened in the marketing landscape and I’m constantly learning new approaches, but there isn’t much that I use from college on a daily basis. The class I took that most influenced me was unexpected  – Sales. In this class I learned the principles of SPIN selling, which now inform my approach to marketing communications.… Read more →

Grey and Pink Baby Girl Nursery

I’m 3 weeks away from having my little baby girl and I have finally completed her nursery. From the paintings to the hot air balloons, mobile, and baby bunting, this pregnancy has gotten my creative juices flowing. The nursery has been a labor of love and I’m excited to share it!

December Group Exhibit at Gallery 924

On December  7 through January 4, 2013, three of my pieces will  be exhibited at TINY, a group show curated by Gallery 924 at the Arts Council.  All pieces in this show will be no larger than 6″x6″.  This size of painting inspired me to paint car side rear view mirrors with the view of dogs sticking their head out… Read more →

New York City Dreams

I love cities and New York City is one of the best cities in the world.  In my current work, I am trying to capture the energy of New York. This painting began as an acrylic painting that I kept layering the paints on and wiping them away to add an urban look.  Then oil paints were added on top… Read more →