Author: Mandy

Mandy Stohry is an artist located in Indianapolis, IN. Her atmospheric, dreamlike paintings explore landscape and cityscape locations.

New York City Dreams

I love cities and New York City is one of the best cities in the world.  In my current work, I am trying to capture the energy of New York. This painting began as an acrylic painting that I kept layering the paints on and wiping them away to add an urban look.  Then oil paints were added on top… Read more →

Sneak Peak at new NYC Painting

There is something about New York’s plethora of bright yellow cabs that begs “paint me!”  The contrast between the bright reflective yellow and the asphalt and concrete is beautiful to me.  The light and reflection of buildings on the cabs’ windshield has  been interesting to play around with. I started this painting a couple days ago and love playing with… Read more →